October 4 is World Animal Day

PetsPurpose and Inspiration

World Animal Day was created as a promise for a better future for animals all over the world. This day is used to mobilize and support animal rights organizations, to create new laws, policies, and ideas for the betterment of animals. This day was created to bring awareness and respect to animals’ sentience. While we may not consider this important, acknowledging animal sentience is vital to create a better future and laws for animals all over.

World Animal Day originated in Germany in 1925 and was created by Heinrich Zimmerman. It was originally organized on March 24 in 1925 and then moved to October 4. Zimmerman worked tirelessly in Germany, Austria, and then Czechoslovakia to bolster awareness and participation. In May 1931, Zimmerman was able to finally get World Animal Day to be officially recognized.

How You Can Help

There are plenty of ways that you can help out and celebrate World Animal Day. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Volunteer at a Local Shelter

The best way to help animals is to help those in need. Try to go to or contact your local animal shelter to see how you can help. This may mean you help clean their kennels, help during feeding time, or just sit with them if they are scared or nervous. If you have a background in paperwork or bookkeeping, you can also help organize their records. While it may not be as fun as belly rub duty, it will be seriously appreciated and you will be able to have a positive impact in animal lives that day

Spoil Your Animals

If you have a pet, pets, or live on a farm, today is a perfect day to offer an extra treat, give them an extra scoop of food, or buy them a new toy. While it may not seem like much to you, it will easily make their day and they will be forever grateful.

Speak Out

Let others know why animals should have more rights and a promise for a better future. This can be done by organizing a meeting with other animal rights activists, contacting your congressman, or planning an event to gather food stuffs and supplies for a local rescue or shelter. Whatever you can do to make the world a little better for animals will help progress toward a better future.