3 Questions to Ask Before Your Dog Starts Agility Training

small white and brown dog doing agility trainingMany puppy parents entertain the idea of agility training – it’s active and rewarding, in addition to enforcing good habits and relationship building. This type of training can help you go on all kinds of adventures with your dog, from runs to hiking, and can also serve well in the competitive arena. These are the questions to ask before your dog starts agility training:

1. Does Your Dog Work Well With Others?

When you take your dog to agility training, they are likely to run into a lot of other dogs as well as other people. Dogs that don’t get along well with others can have a hard time if they are busy guarding their owner or being timid. Most dogs can get over this issue with exposure to other people and pets, but if your dog is aggressive, you might want to reconsider.

2. Does Your Dog Follow Directions?

A key part of agility training is being able to follow basic directions. Some dogs are more autonomous than others and don’t appreciate being directed. These dogs won’t be very happy in agility training. If your dog doesn’t have a problem with basic commands, they may be ready for agility training. If they have issues following those simple commands, consider going through some introductory training first.

3. Is Your Dog Healthy Enough?

Agility training can be strenuous for many dogs. Some dogs are unable, or unwilling, to handle regimens like agility training. Certain health issues can especially become a cause for concern – like hip dysplasia. Not only can it be painful, but also dangerous for a dog to undergo agility training with medical issues.

Ready for Agility Training?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions to ask before your dog starts agility training, then your dog might be a good fit for it! Find a trainer near you, or do some research and make the training into a bonding experience. You can even build a DIY obstacle course in your own backyard! Whichever way you decide to go, we’re sure you and your pup are going to have a blast.