Signs You May be Obsessed with Corgis

CergisI think we can all agree that dogs, in general, are pretty wonderful.

For some of us, Corgis hold a special place in our hearts. Their tiny, stumpy legs and adorable fluffy pants have waddled into our lives and we will always be grateful.

Sometimes admiration can become a bit of an obsession, though. Here are a few signs you might be obsessed with Corgis:

You own a Corgi pillow, Corgi jewelry, Corgi sweaters, and everything in between.

Along with their popularity comes plenty of gadgets, merchandise, and accouterments for all your Corgi needs. There are plenty of home decorations, clothing items, and even some pieces to make your pup’s life easier. If you have a decent collection of these pieces, though, you may have a Corgi obsession.

You’ve “Corgi-proofed” your home.

If you have made sure every morsel of human food is out of reach, the kibble is always available, and the furniture is at a proper jumping range then you may have corgi-proofed your home. This is a great thing to do for your Corgi canine companion so they can feel at home when you’re at home or when you’re away. Just be sure to keep your home comfortable for humans too!

Your Monday Facebook feed is mostly Corgis.

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest, you may know about Rump Day (formerly known as Momo Monday). Originally this topic was reserved for only Corgis but has grown to welcome the posteriors from any canine. Momo means “peach” in Japanese.

One day, while walking their Corgi, someone saw their Corgi’s bottom looked a lot like, well, a momo. Now, every Monday, there are literally thousands of pictures of Corgi backsides. If you find yourself spending a few minutes (or a few hours) of your Monday looking at these fluffy ends, you may have a Corgi obsession.

You donate to at least one Corgi rescue.

While you could never imagine not wanting a Corgi, there are Corgi rescues all around the country that help find Corgis their forever homes. By donating food, blankets, or finances to a rescue, you can help these Corgis stay comfortable and happy until they are able to go home with their new “pawrents”. However, if you donate or volunteer at more than two, you may have a Corgi obsession. Luckily, you’re putting your obsession to good use!

You’re always on the hunt for more Corgi.

Why stop with one when you could have two? For many dogs, this can help them stay entertained while you’re at work or keep them from getting lonely. You should, however, limit yourself to at least two, unless you have the finances and land to support multiple dogs. Otherwise, your Corgis could become anxious and destructive.