8 Signs Your Dog is Happy

happy welsh corgi sitting in grass

Owning a dog can sometimes be a bit tricky. Your dog can’t verbally tell you if they are happy or sad, or hurt or sick. Sometimes, you need to be a bit of a detective to find out how your dog is feeling. Here are some signs your dog is happy:

1. Their Ears and Mouth Are Relaxed

When a dog is on alert, their ears will perk up if possible. If you notice that their ears are relaxed, your dog is probably happy and relaxed. If their ears are pricked, it could simply be a creak in your home, or something more.

The same concept applies to your pup’s mouth. When dogs are happy, their mouths are usually open a bit and it can almost look like your dog is smiling. But, if their teeth are bared, something is probably wrong. Try to help your dog calm down and when the ears and mouth relax, your dog is once again happy!

2. Your Dog is Showing Calm Body Language

Calm, relaxed dog body language is usually a sign of a happy, comfortable dog. When your dog is happy and relaxed, their bodies will be looser and more relaxed. They may be lounging and napping. They might even sigh. Contentment can be one of the reasons why dogs sigh.

When they walk, they will carry themselves differently than when they’re tense. If your dog tenses up, pay attention to when and why and try to avoid those situations if possible. This will help you keep your dog happy and calm.

3. They’re Showing Happy Tail Movement

One of the easiest signs your dog is happy is a tail wagging! However, it is important to pay attention to the rest of their body. Is their tail wagging but the rest of the body is not?

This might mean your dog is on alert. But, if your dog is enthusiastically wagging their tail with their whole body, they are happy.

4. Your Dog Exhibits Non-Destructive Behavior

Your dog’s behavior can be a clear indicator of happiness. If they are happy and content to play with their chew toys, they are in a good mood! But, if they’re destroying other things that are not their toys, they may be on edge about something.

5. They Have a Healthy Appetite

Is your pup excited for mealtimes? If they are ready for dinner and happily eat their food, then your dog is likely happy and content. A healthy appetite is one of the signs of a healthy puppy. But, if they suddenly avoid meals, they might be uneasy.

Try to pinpoint what may be causing anxiety, or what else could be going on. Extended loss of appetite is one of the symptoms you should never ignore in your dog. So, be sure to check with your veterinarian if this behavior lasts more than a few days.

6. Your Dog’s Barks Are Happy Barks

Dogs communicate with us via barking. It’s important to know the difference in types of barks so you can help your pup. A happy bark is usually a bit higher-pitched than other types of barks. But, be sure to take into account other signs to help you know whether your dog’s bark is a sign of happiness or not.

7. They Nap

Why do dogs sleep so much? They tend to sleep more than humans. And, happy dogs sleep! When a dog is relaxed and content, they can easily sleep up to 16 hours a day! If they’re having trouble sleeping, something might be wrong. Try to alleviate the stress or have your veterinarian check them out.

8. Your Dog is Enjoying Playtime

When dogs are happy, they enjoy their playtime. Even older dogs who have slowed down will still enjoy quiet playtime. Even small bouts of “the zoomies” can be a sign of a happy dog.

If your dog isn’t engaging in playtime like usual, be sure to figure out what might be the problem. Hopefully, your dog will be back to playful activities in no time!

We all want our dogs to be happy. Hopefully, these signs that your dog is happy help you keep your dog happy and healthy!