6 Signs You’re Obsessed With Corgis

three corgis sitting outside

Dogs in general are pretty incredible. But for some, Corgis are the true obsession. Their fluffy nature and endearing grin have wormed into our hearts. Here are a few signs you’re obsessed with Corgis:

1. You Own Multiple Corgi Paraphernalia

Corgis are one of the most popular dog breeds. Along with their popularity comes an abundance of merchandise for all your Corgi needs. There are plenty of home decorations, clothing items, and even some pieces to make your pup’s life easier.

But if you find that you wear multiple clothing items a week relating to a Corgi, you might be obsessed. Or if your home is decked out with Corgi decorations, people will know immediately that they’ve walked into a Corgi shrine. Don’t be ashamed of your Corgi love, however! You may end up meeting others who are equally obsessed!

2. Your Social Media Feed is Mostly Corgis

There are plenty of dog Instagram accounts and profiles across other social media platforms to follow featuring dogs. If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest, you may know about Rump Day (formerly known as Momo Monday).

Originally, this topic was reserved for only Corgis but has grown to welcome the posteriors from any canine. Momo means “peach” in Japanese. One day, while walking their Corgi, someone saw their Corgi’s bottom looked a lot like, well, a momo. Now, every Monday, there are literally thousands of pictures of Corgi backsides.

If you find yourself spending a few minutes (or a few hours) looking at these fluffy ends, you may have a Corgi obsession. If you have a favorite social media Corgi, this could be another sign of obsession. With many adorable Corgis to follow, your Corgi obsession can be satisfied.

3. It Was Love at First Sight

Do you remember the first moment you met a Corgi? If you immediately fell in love with these fluffy little balls of energy, that could have been the start of this obsession.

If you continue to search for facts about Corgis and pictures and more, it’s one of the signs you’re obsessed with Corgis. It’s hard not to fall in love immediately as they often capture people’s hearts quite quickly.

4. You’ve “Corgi-Proofed” Your Home

If you have made sure every morsel of human food is out of reach, the kibble is always available, and the furniture is at a proper jumping range, then you may have corgi-proofed your home.

This is a great thing to do for your Corgi canine companion so they can feel at home when you’re at home or when you’re away. Making sure to puppy-proof your home is important for any breed. Just be sure to keep your home comfortable for humans too!

5. You Donate to at Least One Corgi Rescue

While you could never imagine not wanting a Corgi, there are Corgi rescues all around the country that help find Corgis their forever homes. By donating food, blankets, or finances to a rescue, you can help these Corgis stay comfortable and happy until they can go home with their new family.

Donating to one rescue dedicated solely to Corgis could be a sign you’re obsessed with Corgis, but if you donate or volunteer two or more, you are definitely obsessed! Luckily, you’re putting your obsession to good use! Helping out other animals in need is a great way to give back to your community.

6. You’re Always on the Hunt for More Corgi

If you are always on the hunt for more Corgi stuff, information, pictures, etc., you may be obsessed. If you have a Corgi, it’s likely that you are obsessed and in love with them. If you are on the hunt for more and looking to expand your pack with more Corgis, it’s a sign you may be obsessed with them.

After all, why stop with one when you could have two? For many dogs, this can help them stay entertained while you’re at work or keep them from getting lonely. You should, however, limit yourself to two, unless you have the finances and land to support multiple dogs. Otherwise, your Corgis could become anxious and destructive.

These are just a few signs you’re obsessed with Corgis. If you think you might be ready to bring a Corgi into your family, learn more about them and then take a look at the available Corgi puppies. If you can’t have your own Corgi, there are plenty of ways to indulge your obsession.