Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

Good ShibeSpaying and Neutering your pet is important for the health of your animal as well as the health of pets all over.


Among household pets only 30 percent find their forever home. Due to over population there are just too many animals to house. Luckily there are plenty of wonderful no-kill shelters throughout the world and many wonderful people who wish to find responsible pet owners who want to help give animals a better life. By spay/neutering your pet you are helping to make overpopulation a thing of the past. Having your pet spayed or neutered will also cause less stress for you and your furry friend. When your cat or dog has a litter it causes a large amount of stress if you are not prepared for it and is a lot of work to manage and care for.


Your pet’s health may thrive because they have been spayed or neutered. Many pets with behavioral problems (aggression, shyness, etc.) have benefited from being spay/neutered. It can also help them live longer. Because they will not have the physical stress of giving birth or caring for young they will be able to enjoy their years with you and may be calmer and more adaptive in the long run.


Spaying or neutering your pet will be economically wise in the long run. Rather than have large vet bills after the surprise of a pregnant pooch or finding out from your neighbor that your dogs have eloped together the cost of spaying/neutering is much, much less. If you cannot afford to spay to neuter your pet you can take them to many veterinarians on a certain day of the month for a severe discount. This is because many veterinarians understand that controlling population will help pet health in the long term. These volunteer veterinarians also spay/neuter strays if you are able to bring them in. By notching the ear after the procedure the vet will be able to signal to others that the animal is spayed or neutered making the life of the stray easier and it will have a higher chance of being adopted.

Now that you understand why spaying or neutering or animals is so important, please make the appointment and do what is best for your pet and your family. While your pet may not be able to thank you with words, their years of companionship will.