4 Things to Know About Akbash Puppies

akbash puppy

The Akbash is a large dog breed that has a protective streak. They tend to be quiet, attentive, and loyal to their families. Here are a few more things to know about Akbash puppies:

1. The Akbash is a Guardian

The Akbash originated in Turkey and is actually Turkey’s national dog. They were originally used to guard livestock and protect them from predators. They were bred with a lighter coat as it was thought this would help them blend in with the herd. Also, it was thought that their lighter coat would help the shepherd differentiate them from a predator when viewed from a distance and avoid any cases of mistaken identity.

Because of their guardian background, the Akbash has a protective instinct. This means that they make good watchdogs and good guard dogs because they are alert and calm. However, their natural wariness of strangers and protective instincts do make them territorial, so early and ongoing socialization is important for this large dog breed. A poorly socialized Akbash can become aggressive towards strange dogs that may come near what the Akbash considers their family and territory.

2. They are Good with Older Children

Overall, this dog breed is a good fit for families. They tend to get along well with children as well as other pets and dogs that are considered part of their family. Although the Akbash is good with children, their large size tends to make them a better fit for families with older children.

After all, they can grow to be 28-34 inches tall and can weigh 90-140 pounds! Even as a puppy, this dog breed is big and strong, which means they can easily knock over small children if they get too excited while playing or haven’t quite developed their spatial awareness yet.

3. The Akbash is a Shedder

The Akbash is known for their large size and their creamy white coat. It tends to range from medium to long in length and is a double coat. And, these dogs will shed. They’re not ridiculous, but they are above average shedders.

So, you will want to brush them a few times a week, if not every day, to help keep loose fur under control. Other than that, their coat is relatively low maintenance and easy to maintain. They only need a bath on occasion as needed. Plus, they are considered generally clean dogs and are not known to develop a strong “dog odor”.

4. They are not High-Energy Dogs

Unlike many other working breeds, the Akbash is not a high-energy dog breed. They still need a job to do to be happy, but their activity level is fairly low. But, they are not necessarily a couch potato.

They are an athletic herding dog, so they can do more if they want. They tend to require a moderate amount of exercise as most. Longer daily walks and some extra activity every now and then are usually plenty for this big dog.

The Akbash is a great fit for owners and families who have some experience with dogs. They need space and require owners who can give them the affection, mental stimulation, training, ongoing socialization, and exercise they need to be happy and healthy. If you think this could be the right dog breed for you, learn more about them and check out the available Akbash puppies for sale – you might just find your new best friend!