4 Things to Know About Akita Puppies

three akita puppies

The Akita is a working dog that hails from Japan where they are considered a symbol of good luck. They are known for their strong guardianship, dedication, and loyalty. In addition to being alert and fearless, Akitas also make great companion dogs who are affectionate to their families. Here are a few things to know about Akita puppies:

1. The Akita is a strong guardian.

Akitas were used in ancient Japan to hunt game and also to guard royalty. Although they make excellent companion dogs for the right families, they have not forgotten their guardian instincts. An Akita is an excellent watchdog with a protective nature that is alert and fearless. They also are generally quiet and tend to only bark when alerting you.

2. They are highly intelligent and easily bored.

The Akita is a highly intelligent working dog. This means that they are easily bored and need plenty of mental stimulation to stay entertained. As with any dog breed, a bored dog can often become a destructive dog as they will find their own entertainment if not given positive outlets.

This is one of the biggest reasons why giving your dog a job to do and ongoing training are both great ways to keep your dog engaged, and usually well-behaved. Challenging puzzles and toys, learning new games, training for dog sports, and more are all great ways to keep your Akita focused.

3. Akitas generally require more experienced owners.

In addition to their intelligence and guardian instincts, Akitas also have an independent nature and can be a willful, determined, and stubborn dog. This can sometimes be an obstacle for first-time owners, which makes the Akita better suited to more experienced owners in general.

First-time dog owners can be a good fit for an Akita, but obedience and training classes are usually recommended. This helps a novice dog owner get the knowledge and tools needed to successfully bond and train their Akita. Plus, you can get some tips and helpful hints on how to handle a high-energy working dog.

4. They are big fluffballs.

Because of their guardian background and protective nature, Akitas may be wary and suspicious of strangers. But, they are affectionate with their families, devoted to them, and thrive on attention from them. They are also big fluffballs. An Akita is a large dog breed that can weigh between 75 and 130 pounds! They also have a double coat. The outer coat is straight and coarse while the undercoat is soft and dense. This is what gives an Akita that slightly puffy fluffball look.

Along with the fluff comes some shedding. Akitas are generally very clean dogs that will often make attempts to groom themselves, but they still need some help from you to maintain their coat. Weekly brushing is usually sufficient for most of the year to help handle an Akita’s moderate shedding, but that will need to increase to daily brushing twice a year as the seasons change. An Akita loses its coat in the spring and fall, which will result in some heavy shedding. But, increasing the frequency of brushing during these seasonal shedding sessions can help make your Akita more comfortable and contain the shedding a little.

An Akita puppy can be the perfect addition to an active family who can spend time training them and giving them the attention and exercise they need. If you think this dog breed could be the one for you, learn more about them and check out the available Akita puppies for sale!