3 Things to Know About Border Collie Puppies

two border collie puppies playing on a blanket in grass

Border Collies are energetic, highly intelligent, and affectionate dogs that love to work and are devoted to their families. Here are a few more things to know about Border Collie puppies:

1. Border Collies Are Athletic Dogs

The Border Collie is an athletic dog, which also makes them a versatile working dog. They were originally bred for herding sheep along the England and Scotland border. They are talented herders that can still be found working on ranches and farms today herding a variety of livestock and animals.

Their athleticism also makes them a great fit for training and competing in dog sports. In addition to herding trials, Border Collies also tend to excel at agility training, obedience, tracking, flyball, and more.

2. They Make a Great Family Dog

Although Border Collies are hardworking dogs that love to work, they also make a great companion and family dog. These energetic dogs crave affection and attention from their owners and love spending time with them.

On top of being affectionate and loyal, Border Collies are also friendly. They get along well with children as well as other dogs. They may need some extra socialization with other smaller pets in the household, but tend to do well with them as well.

Because they are used to herding and watching over livestock, they have a protective instinct and are naturally wary of strangers. They tend to warm up after introductions, but it is still important to socialize a puppy early and often to make sure they do not automatically see unfamiliar things or people as a threat.

3. The Border Collie is a High-Energy Dog Breed

The Border Collie is known for their herding skills and also for their energy. This dog needs a lot of daily exercise to be happy and healthy. And, as one of the most active dog breeds, they’ll probably be up for more activity if you are. Also, because they are athletic and versatile, you can try a ton of different activities with them.

Once they have finished growing, Border Collies are one of the dog breeds that make good running partners. They have the endurance to handle longer distances and are also a great running partner for short distances. They’ll certainly appreciate the opportunity to run and to spend time with you.

In addition to walks or runs, you can also try taking trips to the dog park, teaching your dog to play frisbee, going on hikes, swimming, and more. Since Border Collies tend to excel at dog sports, you can also train them in various sports or create a DIY obstacle course for your dog in your backyard.

Even if your dog won’t be competing officially in dog sports, they’ll likely still love the chance to learn something new and be active. These dogs love to learn new things. Although they love learning and are intelligent and eager to please, they can also be a handful when it comes to training. So, puppy training classes tend to be a great idea even for more experienced owners.

These are just a few things to know about Border Collie puppies. These dogs can be a great fit for owners and families who can give them the exercise, mental stimulation, and affection they need to be happy and healthy.

If you think this could be the right dog breed for you, learn more about them and check out the available Border Collie puppies for sale. You could end up finding your new best friend!