5 Things to Know About Dutch Shepherd Puppies

dutch shepherd puppy

The Dutch Shepherd originated in the Netherlands. They were originally bred and used as herding dogs, but often served as all-purpose farm dogs. Dutch Shepherds were prized for their intelligence, versatility, and reliability as a working dog. Now, they can be found honoring their farming dog roots, working as service dogs, and being a beloved family companion. Here are a few things to know about Dutch Shepherd puppies:

1. The Dutch Shepherd is versatile.

This is one flexible and versatile dog. Although the Dutch Shepherd was bred to be a herding dog, they often ended up doing just about everything around the farm. Their main purpose was usually to guard sheep, herd them, and also make sure they didn’t venture into and ruin the crops.

In addition to these duties, this dog breed often worked in dairy by herding the cows in for milking and also pulling the milk carts to market. They also often acted as protectors and guardians of the farm by acting as a watchdog and protecting the crops from the livestock on the farm including chickens!

These days, you can still find the Dutch Shepherd on farms and ranches. You can also find them working in other capacities. This dog breed has excelled in work as a police dog and tracking dog. They’ve shown themselves to be a valuable search and rescue dog and as a service dog. They truly are a versatile dog breed that loves having a job to do and tends to exceed in any job put in front of them.

2. They are a great fit for families.

This dog breed gets along well with children as well as other dogs and other pets. This makes them a great fit for families as they are known for being loyal and affectionate. Plus, they’ll love the extra activity and attention that tends to come with children and will gladly take on the job as a playmate and loving protector. They also tend to be innately intuitive, so they will naturally and easily switch from work time to playtime as the situation calls for it.

3. Dutch Shepherds need a job.

Dutch Shepherds are highly intelligent working dogs that are also naturally independent. When it comes to training and day-to-day life, they need to know what is expected of them. They need a job to do and the more structure you can provide for them, the better.

With structure, they will exceed your expectations and excel at whatever you put in front of them. Without structure, they will make their own decisions, which can be a challenge for first-time dog owners. Obedience and puppy training classes are usually a good idea and a bonus for a Dutch Shepherd.

4. Their coat type varies.

The Dutch Shepherd has various coat types associated with it. Their coat can be short, long, or rough and each one has different grooming needs in terms of brushing. The short-haired coat type needs more frequent brushing at a few times a week while the long-haired coat type needs weekly brushing.

The rough-haired coat type tends to be curly, but, unlike the high-maintenance Poodle coat, this coat type only needs to be brushed about once a month. Regardless of coat type, there will be heavier seasonal shedding sessions twice a year, during which the rough coat type will need to be hand-stripped.

5. The Dutch Shepherd will adjust their energy level.

The Dutch Shepherd is a high energy working dog, so anyone looking to add one to their family will need to be prepared for a lot of activity. At the same time, a Dutch Shepherd will adjust their energy level to the situation. As long as they are getting enough exercise overall, they will intuitively adjust their energy level depending on whether it is time to work, time to play, or time to relax.

This does not mean you can be a couch potato all the time and expect the Dutch Shepherd to be the same. They still need a lot of exercise to be happy and healthy and, as with any dog breed, lack of proper exercise tends to result in undesirable behavior. So, make sure your Dutch Shepherd gets enough exercise and then enjoy their ability to read a situation and adjust.

A Dutch Shepherd puppy can be a great addition to an active family that can keep them mentally stimulated while providing plenty of exercise and affection. If you think this dog breed could be the perfect fit for you, learn more about them and check out the available Dutch Shepherd puppies for sale!