Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Doggies

Cute puppyValentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show your family and friends your appreciation and affection. While we’re sure you’ll remember your two-legged loved ones, don’t forget the ones on all fours!

Here are a few ways to show your pet some love on Valentine’s Day:

Handmade Treats

Handmade treats are easy and quick to make and your pup will be forever grateful. You can make them with just peanut butter, oatmeal, and a bit of butter.

Or, you can use their regular kibble and mix in a bit of broth, and their favorite meat. They may literally jump for joy and you will feel great giving your pup a treat that was natural, healthy, and easy to make.

A Day Away

If you’d rather have a day with your pup, then there are plenty of things you can plan and schedule so you and your dog can have an adventure.

If you and your pooch are active you may want to consider a hike, a day at the beach, or a dog-friendly 5k. You’ll be amazed how much your furry friend will encourage you to keep going and you will both feel better afterward.

If you guys are more slow and steady, a road trip could be right up your alley. Go to a new dog park to meet new friends or a pet-friendly restaurant to enjoy a cuppa and fancy dog food. You never know what you’ll find along the way and your dog will be thrilled that they were able to spend time with you.

Some R&R

Who doesn’t love getting pampered every now and then? If you have a dog that loves a bath, a haircut, or even a doggie massage, you may want to invest in some rest and relaxation for them. This not only will make them look and smell great but may keep them healthier overall.

Regular bathing and haircuts can keep their coats healthy and devoid of parasites, debris, and possibly harmful materials. A massage can help them with aching joints or tired muscles. So go ahead and spoil your dog a bit. They will definitely be thankful.

Fancy Dinner

Now, this doesn’t have to mean candlelight and a vintage wine, but maybe it means their favorite cheeseburger or kibble. While this may not seem like a big deal to you, they will be thrilled to see their favorite food in their bowl and will give you plenty of kisses and paw pats to say thank you.

Just Hang Out

Though it may seem simple, just spending more time with your pup is the greatest gift you can give them. Even if that means a longer walk, a game of fetch, or just snuggling on the sofa. You will give your pup a more secure, enjoyable, and better life.