What to Consider Before Getting Someone a Puppy for Christmas

puppy for christmas - golden retriever puppy with santa hatWhat could be cuter than getting a puppy for Christmas? Just picture it: a young one, creeping down the stairs Christmas morning with the smell of breakfast in the air. The soft whines of a little fuzzy puppy and the child’s face beginning to widen with wonder. Then, the child grins as he or she rips off the large red bow from the puppy’s little head. After plenty of puppy hugs, that child would shower affection on any grown-up nearby.

As exciting a prospect as this scene is, there are some things to consider. Puppies grow into dogs and are a long-term commitment. The last thing you want is for the puppy you gave as a gift to end up in a shelter, or worse, abandoned because someone wasn’t ready or able to make that commitment. If someone isn’t prepared to care for a puppy, it’s best to get them something else. Before taking the puppy plunge, here are a few of the biggest questions to ask first:

Does Anyone in the Household Have Pet Allergies?

Allergies are by far one of the most important considerations when bringing a pet into the home. If anyone in the household is allergic to pet dander, it greatly affects the outcome. For example, if the allergy is mild enough, it may not matter. However, as the allergy increases in severity, the type of hypoallergenic dogs available dwindle. So it’s crucial to ask!

Are There Any Tenant Restrictions?

Before letting a puppy bound through the front door, make sure pets are permitted on the property. If the household rents, pets could be restricted or not allowed at all. Some landlords require a pet fee, and others allow small animals but not dogs.

Some allow dogs, but only within a certain weight range. Even stranger still, certain landlords don’t permit certain breeds. These kinds of specific circumstances can hinder the gift-giving spirit, but are essential to know before making a purchase.

Is the Expense Acceptable?

Puppies are many things: lovable, fluffy, and energetic just to name a few. They are also pricey. Puppies need quite a few supplies to be happy and healthy. Even sticking with the bare minimum, puppy food, and veterinary visits, the expenses can really add up. Check with the household before plopping a puppy under the tree, just to be safe.

Is the Time Investment Available?

Puppies can be a handful sometimes. They require housebreaking, training, walking, and loving to be at their doggy best. Puppies can take a significant amount of patience and time.

A household that isn’t able to devote enough of both is one of the signs you’re not ready for a puppy. Of course, dog trainers and doggy academies are available if preferred. Of course, the only way to know what a household can do is by asking!

Open Communication Before Making a Commitment

Puppies take commitment. They shouldn’t be taken lightly, no matter how adorable they are. To give them the homes they deserve, their potential family should know they’re coming and you should know beforehand they’re able to commit to caring for a puppy. When everyone is prepared, the puppy is more welcome than ever!