7 Useful Winter Dog Products

two dogs sleeping under a blanket with only their snouts sticking out

As winter creeps closer, your dog may be itching to get out and play in the snow or may be dreading the cold weather. No matter how your dog feels about the cold and snow, there are some things worth having on hand to help you and your pup get through the winter season. Here are some useful winter dog products to get you started:

1. Pet Tracker

Some dogs are natural escape artists and have an urge to wander. Microchips can help reunite lost dogs with their owners if they’re picked up and taken to a shelter. Microchipping your dog is definitely a good idea. In addition, pet trackers can give you peace of mind and help you track down a lost dog faster when it matters.

Winter weather and freezing temperatures can take their toll on even the fluffiest of dogs. A GPS pet tracker* (Amazon Affiliate Link) can help you locate your dog when it matters most and can be well worth the cost and monthly subscription, especially if your dog has an innate urge to wander or chase.

2. Wearable Dog Towel

Bathtime is necessary, but a wet coat can give your dog the chills during the winter, especially if there are drafty rooms in your home and your dog will not tolerate a hair dryer anywhere near them. Fluffy, snuggly dog towels are useful to help your dog dry off.

A wearable dog towel* (Amazon Affiliate Link) that wraps around your dog like a robe wards off the chill and can help them dry off faster. It’s great to have on hand for baths any time, particularly if your pooch is prone to run around the house after a bath. Plus, you can use it in the summertime as well after a swim session or a walk where you got caught in the rain.

3. Safety Light

During the winter, there is a shorter window for daylight, which means you may spend more time walking your dog in the dark. It’s important for you to wear reflective clothing during those walks and it helps for your dog to have some kind of safety light too.

The Beacon™ Safety Light* (Amazon Affiliate Link) is manufactured by Ruffwear and quickly clips onto collars, harnesses, and more to keep your dog visible in low light. You can also get an LED collar* (Amazon Affiliate Link) to help keep your dog stay visible and safe during nighttime walks.

4. Paw Balm

Winter can be hard on your pup’s paws. Not all ice melt or salt is dog-friendly and all of those winter chemicals can be really harsh on your dog’s paw pads. The cold weather can also cause your dog’s paw pads to get dry and crack.

Just as your hands may need some lotion or extra protection during the winter, so do your dog’s paws. You can make a DIY paw balm at home to soothe sensitive paw pads or purchase one of the several available on the market.

5. Dog Boots

Dog boots can also help protect your dog’s paws. A good pair of dog boots* (Amazon Affiliate Link) will be water-resistant and have an anti-slip rubber sole. This will help keep your dog’s paws dry when you have to trek out in the snow, will help prevent slips and falls, and can protect against harsh chemicals from road treatments or ice salt. They’re a helpful pet product to have on hand during the winter and can also be used on outdoor adventures like hiking or during the summer to protect sensitive paws from hot asphalt.

6. Dog-Safe Ice Melt

You may not be able to control what other people and businesses use on their sidewalks and roads, but you can control what you use on yours. Salts and ice melt often contain chemicals that can be harsh on your dog’s sensitive paw pads.

Plus, dogs can sometimes get sick from licking the chemicals off of their paws in the winter. Dog boots can help protect them when your dog is walking on other surfaces. You can help at home by using a dog-safe ice-melting salt* (Amazon Affiliate Link) on and around your own property.

7. Dog Vest

If your dog is of the fluffy, arctic dog breed variety, they probably don’t need a dog vest to help keep them warm during the winter. Still, regardless of their coat type, it’s probably a good idea to have one on hand for when temperatures drop below freezing. If you have a small dog or a dog breed with a thinner coat type, a warm dog vest* (Amazon Affiliate Link) is definitely a good investment.

Look for one that efficiently insulates against the cold and wind, is water repellant or resistant, and is easy for you to put on and take off. Once you find a good option, make sure you measure your dog and check the manufacturer’s size chart to ensure you get a good fit that won’t rub or cause irritation.

These winter dog products will help keep your dog warm during the winter and protect them against harsh weather. Plus, it will make it easier for both of you to enjoy a walk or playtime in the snow.

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