World Dog Show to be held in Moscow

Show dogThe 2016 World Dog Show will be held in Moscow and many are anxious to see what exhibitors will bring to the event. For those that have never attended a dog show it can be somewhat intimidating and incredibly confusing. Here is what you can do as a spectator to make the show easier to navigate.


Be prepared


Attend the event early. This way you will be able to find your seat quickly and easily before massive amounts of crowds begin to assemble. You may also want to be aware that though these dogs are incredibly well trained they still get excited, bark, howl, and become antsy. That being said just be patient and calm as the show comes together.


You will want a map, snacks, and water if allowed in the venue. The first few hours when spectators are becoming situated and the exhibitors are making their final touches can be utter madness. Be sure to keep yourself cool, calm, and collected while you wait for the show to begin. You may also want to bring a book or magazine to look through so you have something to occupy your time before the event begins.



Know why you are there. If you are there simply to have fun then sit back and enjoy the show. If you are looking at potential breeds to adopt or possible breeders you may want to purchase a catalog from the dog show. This way you can take notes on each breeder or pooch so you can find the perfect companion for you.

If you are going to the show to decide if you would like to be an exhibitor next year you may want to consider purchasing a catalog as well. You can make notes about handler’s behavior, what you did and did not enjoy, and what possible categories your dog or dogs may excel. This can be wonderful for you and your pup because you will have a better idea of what you want when training your pup and you will be more prepared. You can also use the catalog to find certain trainers that you may want to work with for the next show.

Have fun

It is a dog show after all. Feel free to talk to potential breeders and meet the dogs if allowed. You should visit possible vendors for products and information. Often times vendors are also exhibitors and will be happy to share stories and valuable advice.