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  • Activity Level: moderate
  • Grooming Level: low
  • Trainability: high
  • Adaptability: high
  • Kid/Pet Friendly: often
  • Average Size: Small
  • Average Lifespan: 10-13 years
  • Prey Drive: low
  • Watchdog: chill

Bugg Breed Profile



Owner Experience


Bugg puppies make wonderful pets and are rapidly becoming a favorite for families all across the country. A cross between a Pug and Boston Terrier, Buggs are generally noted for their petite size, short, fine hair, adorable facial features, and gentle yet playful temperaments.

As a puppy, your Bugg will need extra love and attention to become accustomed to you and your home. This breed can be quite sociable when trained properly and should have little trouble making friends with other pets. Both Boston Terriers and Pugs have gentle dispositions and this temperament is passed onto their Bugg offspring. This is one reason Bugg puppies are a favorite among families with small children.

Buggs generally display a good level of intelligence along with an eagerness to please. This will come in handy when it comes to training. As puppies, they’re often tricky to housebreak. You’ll need a firm and consistent hand in your training combined with gentleness and love. Buggs are quite motivated by food and positive reinforcement, so you can use both to teach your puppies what you want them to learn.

The Bugg breed displays little natural protective instincts, although they will give “warning” barks when strangers approach. Bugg puppies can be quite curious, so you’ll need to set limitations for your pet if he’s going to live in the house. As Buggs can also be quite feisty, you’ll need to train them not to jump and climb all over people and furniture or over fences when outside (Buggs are agile jumpers).

As far as physical care, the Bugg’s small stature, short hair and instinctive tidiness makes it easy to care for. Occasional baths and hair brushing, as needed, will keep your puppy neat and clean. Add to this a healthy diet, moderate exercise, daily naps and lots of TLC and your puppy should enjoy good health and happiness for quite some time.