Melissa Patterson

Silvery white coat with tan patches and freckles on her muzzle. Sturdy little girl who can hang with the boys. Loved to snuggle with you once she knows you. 

Gender: Female Female puppy badge

Sire: Bearswamp Hondo

Dam: Lynches River Miss Scarlett

DOB: August 25th, 2022

Age: 23 Weeks

Available: Available Now

This puppy is RegisteredRegistered
This puppy is Veterinarian CheckedVet Checked
This puppy is VaccinatedVaccinated
This puppy is Family RaisedFamily Raised
This puppy has been SocializedSocialized
This puppy comes with a Health GuaranteeHealth Guarantee

The Carolina dog or American Dingo are descended from  primitive dogs that crossed the Bering land bridge with the Paleo Indians. They were recognized by the UKC in 1995. Carolina dogs are healthy and intelligent. Very muscular and agile. They are not recommended for inexperienced or first time owners. They are suspicious and shy of strangers but form deep bonds with their human “pack”. CD do best with older considerate children. Carolina dogs must have a clear leader who is respectful. Early socialization & obedience are crucial. They will not respond to harsh or heavy handed methods.

Pls Google Carolina dog to learn more about this unusual breed.

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