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New York Dog Film Festival

New York Dog Film Festival

There are plenty of film festivals for foodies, musicians, cultures, & history. There’s also a festival all about dogs. It’s a dog film festival!

Mid-June: Animal Rights Awareness Week

A Bit of History Many have fought for animal rights since ancient Greece. Some of Aristotle’s students were actually vegetarians and Rousseau and Descartes discussed the importance of respecting other species, especially cattle and laboring animals. As time went on laws were passed in the U.S. and all over the…

June 14, 2015: World Pet Memorial Day

On this day people all over the United States will be remembering our furry friends that have passed over the rainbow bridge. Here are a few ways you can honor your pets that have passed on and cherish the time you have with those who are still here.   Donate…

World Dog Show to be held in Moscow

The 2016 World Dog Show will be held in Moscow and many are anxious to see what exhibitors will bring to the event. For those that have never attended a dog show it can be somewhat intimidating and incredibly confusing. Here is what you can do as a spectator to…