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Monday April 25, 2015 is World Veterinary Day

It is a day many pups dread but World Veterinary Day is an important day for you and your pooch. It reminds you of the importance of your dog’s health and can help you become a better caregiver for your pet. Here are a few things you can do on World Veterinary Day Say thank you Your veterinarian deals with millions of issues, sicknesses, and scared pups everyday. While we know you are the apple of your dog’s eye, your […]

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month (Part 2)

We wanted to continue our post about first aid kits for your pets. Here are a few more ideas you may find useful! Hand sanitizer You may not have time to wash your hands before you begin bandaging up your pet. Make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer in your kit so you can quickly clean your hands and completely avoid contaminating the wound. Flashlight A flashlight can help you find a small shard of glass or any […]

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month (Part One)

Creating a first aid kit for your furry friend can help relieve stress and anxiety if/when your pooch or kitten gets hurt and needs some help. While you should always call your veterinarian if your pet is hurt you can help them by applying basic first aid. While a bandage or a quick cleaning may not seem important at the time, keeping the wound clean and safe can mean a world of difference down the road. With some education and […]

Personality Profile: French Bulldogs

High Society French bulldogs were bred to be companions of the upper class in England and were often seen visiting France with their lace maker owners which is how they became French Bulldogs or Frenchies. Because of the company they kept, their small stature and rarity Frenchies were known for only being in upper class homes. But like the pup, Percy, in Disney’s adaption of Pocahontas this breed is sweet, loyal and will never turn his nose up at anyone. […]

Creek stomping with your dog

Hiking can be the best exercise for you and your pup now that spring is right around the corner. It is a great excuse to get outside, invest in a field guide (and fancy water bottle), and enjoy some quality time with your pooch. Outdoorsy Type Not every dog is a hiker. Smaller dogs or pups that are not energetic by breed may not enjoy stomping through the creek or frapping through the meadows. If you have a small dog […]

Basset Hounds: Gotta Love Them Ears

Basset hounds have been a popular dog throughout the world for families and individuals. They are sweet, loving, and incredibly intelligent. Originally trained to hunt small game, these lovable pooches are now found on farms helping around the barn or in suburban homes keeping the kids company. If you’re considering adopting a basset hound you should ponder a few facts that may help you make your decision. Hard-Headed Basset hounds, like other hounds, are not always willing to learn. They […]

Pet Dental Health Month

Your pet’s dental health can affect the rest of their body if not treated properly. Taking care of your pooch or kitten’s oral health can keep them happy and healthy for years to come. Here are a few ways to keep your pet’s teeth healthy. Brush ‘em It may not be the easiest or the most fun activity you and your dog share but they will thank you down the road. To brush your pet’s teeth you will want to […]

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (it is, in fact, February 23rd)

February 23 is definitely a favorite day among our furry friends. You can make this day especially special for them by making your own dog treats, finding one perfect for your pooch, or creating a whole meal around your dog’s favorite foods. There are plenty of recipes online for DIY dog biscuits or you can always purchase some great all-natural dog treats from your local grocer or farmer’s market. Here are a few tips on how to make International Dog […]

Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

Spaying and Neutering your pet is important for the health of your animal as well as the health of pets all over. Population Among household pets only 30 percent find their forever home. Due to over population there are just too many animals to house. Luckily there are plenty of wonderful no-kill shelters throughout the world and many wonderful people who wish to find responsible pet owners who want to help give animals a better life. By spay/neutering your pet […]

3 Little Known Facts About Labrador Retrievers

Circus Clowns Originally produced from breeds originating in Russia, Labs gained popularity through their travels in the circus. A few reasons they were fit for the circus, and later an addition to many families, in America was their patience and affability. Labs are wonderful pets for first-time dog owners because they are patient and eager to work with you. Labs enjoy learning new tasks and commands, and are happy to get through the beginning stages of training with you. Because […]