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What Health Problems Will Your Basset Hound Face?

Basset Hound Health Problems   Purebreds are all the rage these days, and basset hounds are no exception. They’re adorable, of course, and intelligent, loyal, and a lovely part of any family. However, like any purebred, they’re also prone to a number of health issues that can make owning them absolutely heartbreaking. Owning a pet who is ill can be hard on your entire family, and put you through so much stress and sadness that it can seem like whatever […]

Your German Shepherd Puppy and You

Your German Shepherd Puppy Few dogs are as wonderful to have along with you in this crazy journey we call life as a German Shepherd. They are loyal, strong, obedient, intelligent, and highly adaptable. If you are looking for a protector, they fill the role beautifully; if you are looking for a friend, they are friendly and loving; and if you are looking for a service dog, they have served in the military and other professional capacities for decades upon […]

Is There REALLY Such A Thing As Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds?

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds The Misconception The idea that hypoallergenic dog breeds exist is certainly attractive—but also misguided. Some breeders tout their dogs as hypoallergenic, but it’s important to know what that really means.  Underneath all of those sweaters your beloved family member is still a canine. All dogs naturally produce allergenic proteins found in their saliva and skin. The Misconception of the Misconception Many online articles call attention to the above issue. The writers criticize breeders for misleading potential buyers […]

Why Does Your Dog Shed?

Why Does Your Dog Shed? When you wake up in the morning, you may notice the occasional hair on your pillow. You’re not shedding, however; you’re just losing the occasional hair! Dogs, however, shed quite a bit, and for pretty good reasons. Yes, you both lose hair, but your dog actually needs to shed for their health. First of all, your dog doesn’t just shed hair; just like you, your dog also sheds skin. Most dogs are what’s called “very […]

The Siberian Husky: What’s All the Fuss?

When we talk about Siberia, we are talking about a land that is so renowned for its inhospitable environment that it has become synonymous with the Russian gulag and the concept of life imprisonment and exile, all tied to an icy tundra where only few have truly thrived. This, then, is the namesake of the Siberian Husky, a dog whose ability to survive and even flourish in such an environment has earned it a reputation for toughness, stubbornness, and adaptability. […]

Dogs Who Love The Winter and Snow

Not every dog is perfect for every situation and every environment. Otherwise all dogs would look the same! Instead we have a wide breadth not just of canine physiognomy but also so many breeds they’re almost impossible to count! Consequently, some dogs excel in some climates and seasons, while others fill particular roles in society and the home. With winter bearing down, we turn our attention to those breeds that are most at home when snow is falling and Jack […]

Protect Your Dog from 3 Winter Hazards

3 Winter Hazards To Be Aware of For Your Dog Dogs love snow; well, most do, anyway. After all, they get to rough around in it, toss and playing and rolling and jumping and running and digging tunnels and holes and more, and then it comes back again all fresh and new and they can do it all over again. It’s pretty much the same reason kids love snow, actually; there is a renewal of fun that comes every time, […]

Watch for Heartworms in Your Dog

Heartworms and Your Dog’s Health Your dog faces a surprisingly large amount of health issues, ones that you probably never imagined you’d actually have to deal with, but the truth is that your dog is a living organism, one that likes to get into quite a bit of trouble now and again, one that spends time outdoors and that interacts with other living beings. This can result in a lot of fun and play for your dog, but sometimes illness […]

Lyme Disease and Your Dog

Canine Lyme Disease and Dog Health Of course you allow your puppy to play outside; your new friend and companion is energetic, curious, and downright rambunctious, and in order to healthily relieve all of that energy as well as get exercise and explore the world around them, sating their mental needs as well as their physical, you take your puppy for walks, play fetch, and just run around your property (or in a park). The truth is that all of […]

Is the English Bulldog Right for Your Family?

The English bulldog is an absolutely iconic breed. One that many are turning to these days as a breed to bring into their family, but many do so without doing their due diligence as far as research is concerned. As with any purebred dog, it is vital that you understand that dog’s strengths, weaknesses, personality, quirks, needs, desires, and problems both mental and physical before endeavoring to raise the dog. Otherwise you can easily end up with a dog that […]