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Ten Ways to Spoil Your Pup This Summer

  Summers can be a great time to spend with family and friends outdoors. This is also a wonderful time for your pup to run around, soak up some sun, and spend time with you. Here are a few ways to spoil your dog this summer so they will know…

First week in June. Pet Appreciation Week.

Here are a few ways you can show your pooch you appreciate them. DIY Dog Toys Puzzle Toy This is a pretty simple craft. You will just need a few of your dog’s favorite treats, a box cutter, and a tennis ball. Once you’ve acquired these materials take the box…

Dogs and Jerky Treat Sickness

Jerky Treat Sickness What do you feed your pet for being a good companion? Whether you own a dog or a cat, you must now more than ever be careful and aware of an ongoing string of pet deaths and illnesses linked to “Jerky Treat Sickness”. Sources such as the…

Ex-Cell Pro Pet Foods

Ex-Cell Pro Pet Foods

Ex-Cell Pro Pet Foods is a local favorite in Pennsylvania that is fantastic at balancing dog food quality, price, and quantity. Here’s more information: