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Choosing a Yorkshire Terrier for Your Family

Is a Yorkshire Terrier Good for Your Kids?   Of course, you’re going to have a lot of questions when it comes to selecting a dog to become a part of your family. You want the new dog to fit perfectly into your home and household, to get along with your family, to be comfortable and happy and to make others feel comfortable and happy. When you have a dog in your home that is not a good fit, it […]

4 Problems Facing Your Dog This Summer

You’ve got a lot to look out for this summer when it comes to your dog, everything ranging from the weather to travel to food to just about every other aspect of their life. Let’s face it: when you have a dog you love and care about, you practically have a child – one who has perhaps a little less sense and a lot more energy and excitement than a human child would! As such, your dog needs you to […]

Why a Doberman Pinscher May Be Right For You

The Doberman Pinscher is one of the most popular breeds in the world, but it also carries with it a particular stigma that the breed has often struggled with in terms of adoptions. Indeed, many families choose not to adopt a Doberman because of the fear that the dog will be violent or aggressive, which is obviously not desirable behavior from a dog. This reputation, however, is erroneous, and before you rule a Doberman out it is important that you […]

5 Tips For Travelling With Dogs

Traveling safely is very important for both people and animals. Five safety tips for traveling with dogs can make your pooch more comfortable. Many people enjoy taking their dogs traveling with them. These are several safety tips that can help ensure your dogs safety when traveling. 1. Traveling Essentials Making sure, you have items that your pet needs before you go on a trip. This can help prevent hassles. Bring items that help make your dog feel at home, your […]

Veterinary Issues For Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are beautiful animals. They have a passion for water and make wonderful pets but there are also special Veterinary issues to expect from Labrador Retrievers.  Health problems owners must address. The Labrador is affected by a list of maladies with aging, hypothyroidism, arthritis, laryngeal paralysis, dysfunction syndrome, cancer, hearing loss, cognitive dysfunction, loss of vision and diabetes. These are not problems owners look forward to but many if treated early can be helped. Once the Lab reaches, the […]

Dogs and Jerky Treat Sickness

Jerky Treat Sickness What do you feed your pet for being a good companion? Whether you own a dog or a cat, you must now more than ever be careful and aware of an ongoing string of pet deaths and illnesses linked to “Jerky Treat Sickness”. Sources such as the FDA have stated that a number of brands of Jerky Treats imported from China are likely linked to causing the death of over 580, and the illness of over 3600 […]

What Types Of Service Dogs Are Legally Recognized?

The Justice Department This department oversees the rules and regulations of highly skilled and trained service dogs. The definition of specific laws is in place regarding service dogs. New rules and regulations set in place since 2011 under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Each state may have rules set in place. It is not legal to prohibit owners’ access to public areas with their service dogs for any personal reason. Service dogs must always be under control of their owner […]

Should I Use a Pet Microchip for my Dog?

New pet owners will typically have a choice: To microchip or not to microchip, that is the question.  Oftentimes, today, people who adopt their new pets from a rescue will already have that choice made for them, as a lot of rescues are sending the pups home with a microchip. There are great reasons on both sides of the agument. Pros There are literally thousands of pets who are lost each year. These pets are often taken in by humane […]

5 Symptoms Of Heat Stroke In Dogs

Built with a scarce amount of sweet glands, our canine companions are not manufactured to release heat as quickly as we can; instead, they are built to conserve it. It is this conservation feature that helps keep them warm when the weather changes; however, in the wrong environment their inability to release heat can become dangerous and even fatal. When a dog is exposed to elevated temperatures, heat stroke can quickly set in. Once symptoms of heat stroke present itself, […]

Veterinary Issues To Expect With Cocker Spaniels

The cocker spaniel has been one of the most popular breeds of pet dog on both sides of the Atlantic for over 100 years. Unfortunately, that popularity lead to very unscrupulous breeding practices which has resulted in some very unhealthy dogs. Although modern breeders try to remove any unhealthy animals from their breeding programs, many ailments still commonly appear in cocker spaniels. Epilepsy Epilepsy in dogs is much the same as epilepsy in people. There are many different types of […]