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National Train Your Dog Month

This month is national dog training month so we wanted to offer a few tips and tricks to help Fido figure out sit, stay, and fetch without all the stress that can come with it. What You Need Treats and treat bags are wonderful incentives for your dog to listen and obey. You do not need to invest in a whole box of Milk Bones, simply keep a bag of kibble on hand and give them small pieces as a […]

Walk Your Pet Month

This month is walk your pet month, here are a few tips and common mistakes you will want to avoid so you and your dog both enjoy the stroll. Tips Always take your cellphone on walks. I know it may seem like the least relaxing thing you can do while out on a walk but it is best if you or your pooch get hurt or if your pet runs away. Put it in your bag or pocket so it […]

Holiday Dog Hazards: Poinsettias

  Poinsettias are known for their beautiful, brilliant color and can remind many of heartwarming moments this time of year brings. Their bright large petals are perfect for crafts or centerpieces for your table.   For our family pets, however, Poinsettias can be dangerous if ingested and must be kept out of reach of your pooch or avoided all together.   The milky white sap that comes out of the flower’s stems is poisonous and can make your dog dizzy, […]

No Turkey Bones For Thanksgiving!

No Bones About It: Turkey Bones Are Not For Your Pooch We’ve all seen a cheerful dog gnawing on their new ham bone or pig ear but there is a definite difference to the bone you buy at the pet store and the bones you take out of your Thanksgiving turkey bones. Are turkey bones bad for dogs?  Bones that have been cooked in the meat are easier to break and splinter. This splintering can cause internal tearing and puncturing […]

Holiday Dog Hazards: Chocolate.

With holidays approaching, keep chocolate away from your dogs. Find out how chocolate can potentially harm your dog. Why Chocolate is dangerous for your dog.   Chcolate is hazardous to dogs because of methylxanthine theobromine it is similar to caffeine that is often used as a diuretic, muscle relaxant, or heart stimulant. While it is rarely fatal, ingesting chocolate can make your dog incredibly ill and if untreated can become worse or exacerbate other problems which can cause death. While […]

Note To Self: Your Dog May Eat Your Homework, But Don’t Blame Fido For Your Bad Driving

You know, most all of us have been in embarrassing circumstances that we didn’t want to have to explain at some point in our lives…most likely in our younger, more care-free years. lol There’s a reason that some excuses have become cliche’ over the years, and there’s arguably nothing more cliche’ than “My dog ate my homework.”  Yeah, right.  I’m sure your dog was really licking his chops over your non-existent book report on “War and Peace.”  Kids.  What can […]

Choosing a Yorkshire Terrier for Your Family

Is a Yorkshire Terrier Good for Your Kids?   Of course, you’re going to have a lot of questions when it comes to selecting a dog to become a part of your family. You want the new dog to fit perfectly into your home and household, to get along with your family, to be comfortable and happy and to make others feel comfortable and happy. When you have a dog in your home that is not a good fit, it […]

4 Problems Facing Your Dog This Summer

You’ve got a lot to look out for this summer when it comes to your dog, everything ranging from the weather to travel to food to just about every other aspect of their life. Let’s face it: when you have a dog you love and care about, you practically have a child – one who has perhaps a little less sense and a lot more energy and excitement than a human child would! As such, your dog needs you to […]

Why a Doberman Pinscher May Be Right For You

The Doberman Pinscher is one of the most popular breeds in the world, but it also carries with it a particular stigma that the breed has often struggled with in terms of adoptions. Indeed, many families choose not to adopt a Doberman because of the fear that the dog will be violent or aggressive, which is obviously not desirable behavior from a dog. This reputation, however, is erroneous, and before you rule a Doberman out it is important that you […]

5 Tips For Travelling With Dogs

Traveling safely is very important for both people and animals. Five safety tips for traveling with dogs can make your pooch more comfortable. Many people enjoy taking their dogs traveling with them. These are several safety tips that can help ensure your dogs safety when traveling. 1. Traveling Essentials Making sure, you have items that your pet needs before you go on a trip. This can help prevent hassles. Bring items that help make your dog feel at home, your […]