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The Chihuahua is a national symbol of Mexico and is one of the oldest dog breeds in the Americas. Their ancestors appear in ancient paintings in Mexico and their lineage can be traced back to pre-Columbian ancient kingdoms. The Toltecs ruled Mexico over a thousand years ago and had the Techichi, which is considered a larger and heavier ancestor of the modern Chihuahua.

When the Aztecs conquered the Toltecs, they refined the Techichi into a smaller and lighter dog. It was so valued within the Aztec culture that it became known as one of Montezuma’s fabled treasures after the Spanish conquistadors toppled the civilization in the 1500s. Americans started to take interest in the breed in the mid-1800s and found several in the State of Chihuahua, which is how the modern breed got its name. The first recorded Chihuahua registered by the AKC was in 1908. His name was Beppie.

Country of Origin: Mexico.
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