Dachshund Puppy

This Puppy Found A Home!

This puppy is no longer available.

Note from the breeder:

Miniature dachshunds, with the long fur, have such great personalities and ours are among the best. These puppies will adapt well to being a house dog in an apartment with a wee wee pad in the bathroom or build up stamina speed around large yards. Our puppies each have their own personality but seem to also take on their owners preferences as well. From Tux modeling in bow ties and Buttercup wearing dresses, to Charlie and his instagram followers or Glizzy riding in a basket like Toto, or Hazel that sleeps in a crib like a princess with young twin sisters, Hunter who goes on hikes up mountains, or our Snuffy leading a dog sled team, they can do anything and that is why we became a Dachshund family 20 years ago. We look forward to matching these puppies with great homes. We are ready to have visitors come to our home, meet the parents, and feel comfortable with moving forward with this big decision with confidence that you’re making the right choice. Contact us anytime- we have been there, thinking should we wait until morning or will they be taken by then!

Our puppies get introduced to wee pads as they have unlimited food and water now. They will begin to go outside as they transition to a feeding schedule in their new homes. They do very well with doggy doors as long as they have a safe and secure area to go to. Each individual has a personality, but getting a puppy is my favorite way to become a dog owner because they will learn a lot about how to behave from you and develop unique personality traits that are a combination of their own and yours. We support new owners with advice as you want to teach the puppy to grow up learning how to enhance all of your lives. These are miniature longhair/medium hair dachshunds and they carry some great color and personality traits. They are ready for visitors or to be reserved and go to their forever homes soon. They have AKC parents/ancestry for 5+ generations and can be registered with the ACA.

Mom “Sylvia” has it all, especially when it comes being friendly and passing on some of the most desirable genetic traits. Dad “Romeo” is Gorgeous, loyal, and always ready to have fun!