Arie King

Miniature Goldendoodles
Location: Elizabethville, PA | Phone: 717-362-7852

The King family along with their four children started breeding dogs in 2012. With the Kings dog breeding is truly a family affair, as all of the puppies raised by the family spend lots of time playing with the King’s children. Arie King fondly remembers her family pets as a child, which is what gave her such an interest in providing the same wonderful pet related experiences to other families that she had herself. If Arie had to say she particularly loved any specific  breed, it would have to be the Goldendoodles because of their wonderful dispositions. Arie feels Goldendoodles are true people pleasers, and, in Arie’s opinion, the benefits of a reduced shedding dog cannot be overstated. All of the King family pets are well-trained family dogs, and their puppies should grow up to be the same!

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