Corey Musselman

Location: Pine Grove, Pa | Phone: 570-294-9943 | Email:

Hi! I’d like to give a quick intro of myself and who I am as a breeder. I started breeding labs about 5 years ago and have been raising dogs as a hobby ever since. I’ve only ever owned one dog at a time and always focused on the health and quality of my puppies. It’s important to me that our puppies are not only adorable, but also well taken care of and above all else, healthy. With that said, I do also enjoy the challenge of researching and choosing very specific dogs for their genetics and and structure. This always produces the highest quality puppies and I absolutely love every single one!

Please feel free to call or text me any time with any questions you have and I’ll do my best to help in any way I can! I care about the customer and the puppy as a great fit and will do as much as I can to make sure there is a fit on both sides. Thanks!