Dinnetta DeVille

Location: Bossier City, LA | Phone: 318-573-0272 | Email:

Our puppies are given the best treatment from the beginning of life.  They are given Super Dog training to make a better, more adaptable dog in the future.  They live in our home and are part of the family and daily life, so exposure to life sounds (vacuum, TV, visitors, etc).  I make sure to socialize the pups and have many visitors of varying walks of life and ages, and they are very well socialized.  This will serve them well as they get older.

The babies get nail trimmings and baths to ensure that they are not too much of a handful for their Furever Parents. Daily, I do enrichment activities and are exposed to a multitude of loud noises and environmental factors.  Along with being socialized with people, they are among our 5 adult labs who are able to “teach them manners” and set boundaries.  We also have 3 cats and the pups definitely have boundaries with them from the beginning!

My pups are not just left to their own devices to wander around with one another.  We have a Puppy Playground with different sounds and toys attached to it, which they play with daily and love it!

I take great pride in raising pups to easily and seamlessly integrate with their Furever Parents.   The parents are all on site and are family dogs. They are fed the best food and so is their mom so they receive top notch nutrition.  This is definitely a joy for me to do!

Parents of this litter are a Brindle Black Lab (Male) and a Chocolate Tan Point (Female).  They are both DNA tested and 100% labs.  Tan points just come from recessive genes that both parents have to have to cause the tan points – called Mismarks.

Please remember that these pups are LABS.  Please research the breed before making your decision on picking a pup.