Location: Leola, PA | Phone: 717-656-0315

Lloyd & Ella Zimmerman live on a farm in Leola PA. We started raising Jack Russell puppies 20 years ago with still having a female in that bloodline. We keep them dewormed and shots up to date, trim their nails once they start playing and can be taught some tricks. Then we also raise Shichon/Jack Russell Mix which are also a very affectionate breed that are taught tricks very easily. They do not shed, it is fun to see if they get long hair or stay short once they are a few weeks old. We started to raise this breed about 3 years ago and so far have liked what we have seen. Then we raised bulldogs for 16 years. They need extra care as pups so we wake up in the middle of the night to put them to the mom, some lay easier than others so we like to keep them close by.

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