John J. King

Doberman Pinscher-Rottweiler-Belgian Malinois

Location: Narvon, PA Phone: 717-768-8157
Greenfield Puppies CertifiedUSDA Certified

John King is a Dog Breeder and owns a USDA licensed kennel which he operates with the highest of quality in mind! While his speciality breeds are the Rottweiler (25 years experience) and the Doberman Pinscher (10 years experience), he also has quality Bernese Mountain Dog bloodlines he works with. All puppies from the King family spend lots of time socializing with the King children and are even acclimated to the leash while still in the King’s care. The goal of John King as an Expert Dog Breeder is to bring the highest quality puppies to his customers that will become great family pets!

  • John King has achieved the status of Greenfield Certified Breeder for his quality breeding practices.
  • John begins a puppy vaccination schedule at 4 weeks old and continues until the puppy is adopted.
  • John begins a leash training program at a young age with his puppies.
  • Mr King accepts deposits for puppies prior to adoption and will keep and train the puppy until an adoptable age.


Testimonials about John J. King

We purchase our puppy from John King. I'd recommend him to anyone seeking a Doberman. We saw a picture of our puppy on Greenfield Puppies and called John immediately. We lost our standard Poodle a few days earlier. While another puppy could not replace our lost poodle, we knew we would get a second dog. She was a wonderful diversion for our loss. Caramia is now going on 15 months old. She is a stunning girl! She gives kisses, is lovable as can be and even give hugs. And smart, she is amazingly smart, sometimes too smart. She stole our phone and we found it outside! We tore the house apart looking for it. We love her to death.

John, thank you so much for the joy you have brought to our lives! Greenfield puppies, thank you for introducing us to John and Caramia!

Patrick Miller
John King puppy testimonial

I've been very happy with a Doby puppy I got from John King. John was very easy to deal with- made the whole experience great for me. I went out to his farm a couple times - met my Doby Freddy and his sisters and parents. The parents both had great demeanors and were very friendly. His overall demeanor has been surprisingly calm for a puppy. I've taken him to several dog parks and I'm so happy to see how social he is with other dogs, kids, and people. As you can see attached - Freddy watching some kids playing basketball- and a new buddy he made with a blonde lab puppy at the park. It was a great experience with Mr. King and I would recommend him and his puppies.

H Neer

As a Christmas present for our son we purchased a Doberman Pinscher puppy from John King. We had an issue with our pups ears not wanting to stand. When we informed John of our concern, John immediately asked us to bring the pup back for him to examine. After looking at our dog (Jager), John assured us that he could train Jager's ears to stand correctly. We let John have our pup for a couple of weeks. When we got Jager back, his ears were standing beautifully! Jager was happy to see us and we could not have been more excited and satisfied with the results of John's efforts.
Our puppy has exceeded our expectations in every way. Jager has a great personality, is not overly aggressive,he's extremely smart, easily trainable, and very loving.
John King went above and beyond in making sure we were completely satisfied with our puppy.
I would absolutely recommend Mr. King as the breeder of choice and his puppies are second to none.

Jim Fultz

Jim Fultz

Last Saturday, June 2, the newest member of our family was adopted. A beautiful red Doberman puppy known as "Watson" on this site, now answering to Colt. He is healthy, energetic, and absolutely loved. We were very pleased with our interactions with the breeder, John King. Mr King called me back within 10 minutes of my initial call (Tues. 5/29) and was willing to hold "Watson" for me until I was able to get there on Saturday. As soon as I saw "Watson" running down the driveway he was mine. Mr King answered all of our questions, provided health records, and gave us samples of the food he had been feeding him. We took Colt for his first vet visit on the following Tuesday and the vet was a little concerned with his docked tail, it was obvious Colt had been chewing at it, giving us an antibiotic cream to help it finish healing but other than that he was in perfect health. I have to admit I was nervous using this site, because of other people's opinions, but I am so thankful I followed through with my decision to go see this beautiful boy. Thank you, John King!

Shirl Cordero

I am writing to tell you how thrilled we are with our new Rottweiler puppy, Zoey. We purchased her from John King and from the first time I contacted him until we picked her up he kept in contact with me. Even though I would call him weekly to check on her he never made me feel that I was bothering him. When she was finally ready for us to pick up we drove to his farm which was immaculate. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met. We took Zoey to our vet the following week and she’s in perfect health. I would definitely recommend purchasing a puppy from John.

Mary McGahey
Harley the Rottweiler

I purchased this beautiful pup from John and I couldn't have asked for a better experience after I left with Kandy. Now Harley, adapted beautifully with my other 2 dogs. Running, jumping, playing all day in the yard is just what my 6 yr old beagle needed. It put pep back into his step. We couldn't be more happy with this new addition to our family! There is only 1 place I'll be getting my dogs from and that's from, and that is Mr King! Thank you, John, your one of the kindest people I have ever met, a gentleman.

Al Orlando

On 12/29/18 we picked up our loveable Watson from Mr John King! He has been such a wonderful addition to our family, he has brought so much joy to our family. We highly recommend anyone to Mr John King if they are looking for an adorable and healthy pup!

Vanessa Gomez

In May we got our sweet girl from John King. Just the other day my 5-year old said out of nowhere, "Mom, thanks for letting us drive all the way to Pennsylvania (a five and a half-hour drive) to get Peach!" (formerly Kelsey)

John was calm and very straight forward. His farm was clean and well kept. All the dogs we saw were, both his and ones he had for sale, were all well mannered and obviously well kept and loved. The minute we drove up we knew we would have no qualms buying a dog from this breeder and we have not been disappointed! In fact, our expectations were met and exceeded!

Daniel & Krystal Brayton

I received a beautiful blue Doberman puppy from John King. He is currently 5 months, healthy, and John's vet that did the ear cropping did a beautiful job. While looking for a puppy I was a bit untrusting to only read testimonials posted the website which sells the dogs, so I created an Instagram account for my dog for anyone interested to see. Feel free to follow or check him out @Amish.The.Blue.Dobie


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