Jonas & Esther Schmucker

Location: Saint Joe, IN | Phone: 260-668-2197 | Email:

OUR STORY We, Jonas and Esther, both had family dogs growing up. We were both animal lovers of about any kind of farm animal. When we got married we started raising puppies of our own and have enjoyed every second of it! We now have 3 children of our own and they enjoy it as much as we do. Puppies make our family complete. We have been raising puppies since 2014. We strive to raise the best quality puppies for you and your family so others can feel the love and joy that they bring us. there is nothing better than knowing that you gave them  ‘your all’ and having their unconditional love & trust!  God Bless! –        The Schmucker Family                   Go to to find out more about us and our furbabies .