Serenity Homestead LLC

Location: Lititz, PA | Phone: 717-945-3612 | Email:

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and our farm and tell you who we are and what we do. We are a young family consisting of myself (Jonas) my wife of 6 years (Barbie) and our 2 energetic sons, Jay Daniel (5 yrs. old) and Steven Lee (4 yrs. old).

My main occupation is building designing and drafting. I have my own small business (TruBuilding Design LLC) and work from home. My wife & I, along with a few employees, also own and operate a mobile chicken BBQ stand at the neighbors, Saturdays from April-October.

Otherwise, my wife is a full-time homemaker, taking care of our large garden, lawn, and flower beds, as well as preparing meals and catering to the everyday needs of her family.

As an additional hobby, we also have a few dogs (currently 4 breeding females) from which we raise several litters of puppies a year. We are inspected at a minimum bi-annually, by the state dog law, to assure proper care and health of our dogs.

Our dogs and puppies receive lots of attention from us (especially the boys!) throughout the day and have regulated access to a play yard, where they love to romp and play with each other. We feed our dogs and puppies a unique meal of “raw pet food” twice a day.

Since switching from dry kibble to “raw” last year, we have noticed many benefits of feeding raw chicken. We notice that our puppies are very hearty and have extra fluffy and beautiful hair coats.

Another benefit to feeding them their natural diet is that they are much easier to clean up after because they will defecate less frequently and their stools are usually very firm and easy to clean up, which will save you A LOT of stress while house training them. Our adult dogs adapted very well to eating “raw” and have become noticeably healthier since switching.

The breed we raise is the well-known “Mini Goldendoodle” which is our family’s favorite breed of dog! Please check out our website at to learn why choosing a “Serenity Homestead” puppy is a good choice!