Josh & Brenda Schlabach

Location: Apple Creek, OH | Phone: 330-231-6408

Our family is based in Apple Creek, Ohio, and our love for pets goes back to being kids. When we were growing up, our family would adopt a 3 legged or half-blind puppy, and then have them as pets, along with goats, ponies, and rabbits – loving having animals is a family tradition here.

Our mission is to have our pets find happy, healthy homes. Through modern genetic testing, our goal is to have happy and healthy puppies to be a part of your family! We have Cavaliers and Bernedoodles, and we love these breeds of dogs! Our roots go back to little kids with the Cavalier breed, and as popularity grows with the Bernedoodles, we have found them to be great family pets! Please call or text for more information, and we are excited to help you in your search for your next puppy! All Sunday calls and texts will be replied to on Monday. Thank you for your interest in our pups!