Applewood Labs (Kendall and Sheri Garman)

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We are a Christian family with 3 young children, and we enjoy the family project placing quality puppies in loving homes. We have raised several litters of puppies of various breeds in the past. We enjoy the variety our pomsky gives us with her fluffy, multicolored puppies. But our specialty is the English Fox Red Labs, and again and again we come back to the them as our hands-down favorite! For quality, temperament, health, and trainability, they are winners! Kenzie has been our wonderful family pet and is a super gentle, calm friend to our children. We raised one of Kenzie’s daughters to add to our breeding program. And after a long search for the perfect male, we found and raised Archer, are excited to have him for our new stud dog. A blocky build, broad faces, dark noses, a thick otter tail, a good pedigree, and the classic lab temperament of goodwill are all qualities we look for. We love fox red labs! And we love bringing you the best of the breed.

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