Mark & Lillian Stoltzfus

Fox Red Labs-Yorkies
Location: Gap, PA | Phone: 717-606-2537

Mark and Lillian Stoltzfus own and operate Sunrise Puppies kennel, a PA State licensed facility. They have over five years’ experience raising puppies. Mr & Mrs Stoltzfus prefer English Red Labradors, also known as Fox Reds, because of their friendly personality, stocky build, and beautiful red color. Also, the Stoltzfus family raises Yorkshire Terriers because of their well-known loving lapdog personality. The puppies interact with the entire family and are socialized from a young age. For all purebred dogs, Mark and Lillian Stoltzfus offer registration papers for the American Kennel Club (AKC). Finally, To find out more about Mark and Lillian Stoltzfus and Sunrise Puppies kennel, you may contact them directly. Otherwise, you can view their available puppies below.

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