Lydia Smucker

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Address: 673 Super Dr Dornsife PA 17823 | Phone: 570-425-2387 | Email:
Kennel License Number: 16831

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Welcome to Smucker family Puppies, a family-owned, state-licensed, loving home where our Doberman pinschers get lots of specialized Care & attention, both by us and our trusted friend & veterinarian, DR. Jackie Rapp. DR. Rapp has been helping us reach our records of all personal goals of great genetics & physical Wellness & comes All of our Dobermans are AKC out to the farm almost every week. Our puppies are played with by our children ages 7-14 when they open their eyes, usually from 10-14 days old. The puppies come with their own personal folder, which includes Vaccinations, deworming & Vet visits from birth until they leave for their new forever home. We also provide a free bag of goods to help you transition your pet safely to your favorite brand. We provide a 30-day guarantee, but we also welcome any comments, updates, or friendly Criticism & advice to help us respond better to our customer’s needs & wants. Our files are full of pictures & notes from Satisfied customers. (!) We also breed & raise Cavalier King Charles puppies & Some Cavalier mixes. They’re just the right size for our younger daughter to cuddle & play with. If you would like to hear more about our puppies Contact Lydia today!

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