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Welcome to Paw Tale Puppies. Where every puppy has a story! Here at Paw Tale Puppies we believe every dog has a story to be told. We are a family of 3 and a have a deep passion to provide our dogs with the proper care that is need in any situation. Our breeds we specialize in are Bichons, and Boston Terriers. The highlight for us as a breeder, is to meet our customer as they come and pick their new puppy up, to take them to their new home. Just a heads-up (we love when the new owner keeps sending us pics and updates over the next couple years) It is so amazing to watch a puppy grow and adapt to their new family. (Some of our Goals at Paw Tale Puppies). 1: Always provide the puppy a safe new home so they can continue writing their story. 2: Provide customer service like no other. Whether that being answering questions, getting information to you in a timely manner, and providing any information to you that will help you make your decision for a new (Fluff Ball Of Joy). We also provide information on NuVet to improve your dogs life, so they can continue living a happy health life. We welcome anyone to contact us with any questions and we will do the best to assist you. Thank You and make it a great day.

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