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Location: Millersburg, PA | Phone: 445-444-8823 | Email:

Thank you for visiting my Greenfield Puppies profile!

My name is Michael and I am the owner of Meadow View puppies.

As a small child and throughout my growing up years, I always loved puppies and dogs and that passion eventually led me to start selectively breeding a few high-quality dogs so I can pass on the passion of seeing happy healthy puppies go to loving homes.

Our puppies are always examined by our local vet before they leave our facility to ensure their health is in top notch condition. We provide a 1-year genetic health guarantee on all puppies that are in our care.

We also microchip all our puppies as we feel this gives you a higher security and a better chance of being able to locate and bring your puppy back home if he/she ever happens to get lost. The way this works is by registering your name and information on www.foundanimals.org along with your puppy’s microchip information, that way if anyone were to find a puppy with that specific microchip number or if someone took it to a shelter, they could immediately trace it back to you!


A little more about me and my other hobbies.

I am privileged to be able to work at home on our Whitetail deer farm to help manage and care for about 200+ whitetail deer and fawns. In my spare time I am able to care for the puppies, give them baths, play with them etc. My other hobby is hunting and being in the great outdoors, so whenever I’m not caring for my puppies or deer, I can be found out in the woods!


Feel free to browse our Greenfield Puppies profile or my personal website www.meadowviewpuppies.com to see our available puppies listed for adoption! If we do not have any available at the moment, feel free to fill out your info on the Wait list tab and we will add you to our wait list for the next litter of happy little furballs!

Please note that if a puppy is listed as available on our website, it is currently not adopted. We mark them reserved as soon as they get adopted.

Best of luck,