Patricia Milan

Location: Scenery Hill, PA 15360 | Phone: 724-255-5086 | Email:

I do not breed for the typical F1 Minibernedoodle.  I breed multigenerational MiniBernedoodles that are hypoallergenic and low to no shedding at all. If you have allergies an F2B is the dog you need. We are located on 13 acres with miniature horses and miniature donkeys.  We are retired and dedicated to our animals. We are not a kennel. We do genetic testing on all of our parent dogs. All are genetically cleared.  All puppies are raised in my living room. I have started them on alfalfa pellets litter box potty training. It definitively works a lot better than training pads. They are very smart. I myself have 7 mini bernedoodles in my dynasty!  Cannoli F1-  Baby Daisy F1B- Mr. Peanut F1B- Blue Granite F1B, Mr. Sandman F2B, Panda F2B, and Biggies F2B.  I will only have 1 litter per year.  “Happiness Awaits At Majestic Hill”. I do require a $1000. Non refundable reservation fee to hold your puppy until pick up day. Pick up day is January 20, 2024, or if you need me to hold the puppy until Valentine’s Day,  I can certainly do that too