Sam & Rachel Smucker

Location: Kinzers, PA | Phone: 717-799-6030

The Smuckers love animals and have been raising puppies for over 15 years! They take pride in providing quality family pets and have a passion for raising happy, healthy puppies. All of the Smucker’s pets and their puppies are given lots of love and attention. The entire family is involved these days, and the puppies get daily playtime with the children. There are two different breeds that Sam & Rachel enjoy raising currently. Those breeds are the Havapoo and the Cavapoo because they have such wonderful characteristics, are easy to train, and make great companion dogs or family pets. These two designer breeds thrive in a loving environment and are so friendly with all the interaction they receive.

Along with the standard 30-day health guarantee, Sam also covers his puppies with a 1-year genetic health guarantee to ensure quality and to protect his customers. Sam focuses on customer service since he has always valued word of mouth customer referrals as the greatest of compliments. To learn more about the Smucker family and their puppies, please contact Sam or Rachel today!

Note from Breeder: “We just want to thank all of our clients for the great experience we have had with you and for providing loving homes for our puppies! We want to welcome you to leave a testimonial with your experience about us on the Greenfield Puppies LLC website and invite you to go to our profile page and leave one there as well. We would love to see pictures, too!”

  • Sam Smucker is a Paw Tree Pet Supplies provider. “We believe that proper nutrition is the foundation of good health. We start with your pet’s health in mind.”  Click here for more information about pet products.

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