Timothy Wagenbach

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Location: Wolcott, IN | Phone: 219-869-3642 | Email:

Here at Cedar Creek, located in Wolcott, Indiana, our family started working with the hybrid breeding of purebred dogs in 2002.  Taking the experience Michael had in genetics at Iowa State University, we focused on incorporating the Golden Retriever, Irish Setter and Bernese Mountain Dog together, to increase genetic diversity and thereby reduce the risk of health challenges found in purebred (inbred) puppies.  Our family has loved raising our  puppies and enjoy our large family of owners, which spreads from coast to coast. Our B.I.G. puppies are ready to add joy to your life, in a BIG way!

We welcome your visit to our home, by appointment.  Or schedule a Facetime or Zoom call to meet one of our happy, health, family friendly puppies today.  Contact us to learn more.