Valerie Fargas

Address: 1302 Rayce Dr Greenwood MO 64034 | Phone: 816-718-8680 | Email:

  My name is Valerie.  I am an in-home breeder of mini poodles and  mini Aussie doodles.    The small newborn puppies sleep in a warm partitioned area in the living room.  In the spring summer, Fall, once they are a month old, they graduate to the sunroom, where they can to romp and play,  but they really enjoy the sunshine on my large deck outside.    I am a very clean and humane breeder.   Did you know your dog needs her dew claws for agility, and for holding her bones and chew toys?  Did you know her tail helps her with agility and balance? Did you know she has small scent glands on her tail, that help other dogs to get to know her and recognize her, lessening the chance of being attacked?  Since learning about the harm that dew claw removal and tail bobbing, both do to a dog’s everyday activity and socialization, I have stopped these inhumane and unnecessary practices.  When you purchase a puppy from me, your puppy will come with these important parts, and will never have known the pain and trauma from those modifications!