Wanda Graham

Location: New Holland, PA | Phone: 717-989-7887 | Email:

We are a family who takes great pride in the ethical breeding of mamas and raising the puppies in home. They are never in barns, sheds or kennels. They are born in a custom made whelping box right off of our family room. After turning 4 weeks old they transfer to their play area in the same location. They are potty tray trained and introduced to house training around 4 weeks old as well. They are constantly played with and held by our family. They have other furry friends besides their siblings. They are well socialized and familar with home life to make the transition to your home one of ease. They get baths and mini grooming sessions, they are introduced to crates as well. We work on basic commands and positive reinforments with treats. All of this makes for happy and healthy puppies. Visit us at Grahamco.homegrown.puppies on Instagram or Graham&Co Homegrown Puppies on Facebook.