Great Dane Puppies For Sale In PA

Great Dane Puppies

Country of Origin: Germany

Size: Shoulder height: 28-32 inches. Weight: 100-120lbs.

Coat: Short, smooth and sleek.  Their colors are solid black, solid white, brindle, fawn, blue, or harlequin.

Character: This dog is a gentle giant that is very playful with it’s family members.

Temperament: Great Danes get along well with children and enjoy lounging in the house.  They are a very calm and even tempered dog.

Care: Minimal combing and brushing are required.

Training: The Great Dane is a gentle and calm dog and is very easy to train as long as it is done with positive emphasis because they are sensitive.

Activity: They do best with regular exercise. It is very important to limit the amount of exercise when this breed is still growing.

Ownership: Make sure you understand and research the dog breeds you are looking to own before purchasing your Great Dane puppy from one of our reputable Great Dane breeders. Looking for your new pet can be very difficult. Each puppy breed is different. Do your breed research by reading our breed profile about the Great Dane dog. Navigate our Great Dane puppies page below to find your perfect puppy!

Average rating from 6 reviews.
  • Duke
    Duke $1875.00 Paradise, PA
  • Duchess
    Duchess $950.00 Paradise, PA
  • Zoie
    Zoie $1400.00 Baltic, OH
  • Sammie
    Sammie $1400.00 Baltic, OH
  • Onix
    Onix $950.00 Baltic, OH
  • Ellie
    Ellie $1400.00 Baltic, OH
  • Buddy
    Buddy $1300.00 Baltic, OH
  • Dorsey
    Dorsey $950.00 Paradise, PA
  • Bella
    Bella $1400.00 Baltic, OH
  • Daisy
    Daisy $1875.00 Paradise, PA
  • Daphney
    Daphney $1400.00 Paradise, PA
  • Dina
    Dina $950.00 Paradise, PA
  • Denver
    Denver $950.00 Paradise, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Dina $2000.00 Paradise, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Dexter $2000.00 Paradise, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Freddy $2000.00 Lititz, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Dusty $1875.00 Paradise, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Duke $1800.00 Quarryville, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    LuLu $1800.00 Quarryville, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Big Boy $1800.00 Quarryville, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Asher $1800.00 Quarryville, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Daisy $1800.00 Quarryville, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Beau $1800.00 Quarryville, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    White Rock $1800.00 Lancaster, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Fury $1600.00 Browns Mills, NJ
  • Sold Puppy
    Surprise $1600.00 Browns Mills, NJ
  • Sold Puppy
    Dax $1600.00 Paradise, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Dino $1500.00 Paradise, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Darla $1500.00 Paradise, PA
  • Sold Puppy
    Dinora $1500.00 Paradise, PA