Jamie Fenton

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Gender: Male Male puppy badge

Sire: Jack

Dam: Charley

DOB: August 8th, 2022

Age: 8 Weeks

Available: Available Now

This puppy is DewormedDewormed
This puppy is Family RaisedFamily Raised
This puppy has been SocializedSocialized
This puppy was Raised Around KidsKid-Friendly
This puppy comes with a Health GuaranteeHealth Guarantee

Our Maremma/Great Pyrenees male weighs about 100lbs. His name is Jack and is an excellent guardian dog on our 5 acre, fully fenced in, farm. It is a joy to have Jack hear us walking outside and immediately accompany/escort us on our daily rounds of our property. He is good with children, cats, and all poultry. He is alert to aerial and land predators. Jack is always ready to meet vistors at our farm gate with a big bear hug…literally.

Our female purebred Great Pyrenees weighs in at around 70lbs and is the ‘Momma of the farm’. Her name is Charley and all the animals just take to her. The barn cats and kittens love to snuggle up on her. Charley is a very good protector of our farm as well as her pups. She will let Jack know in an instant if she feels he is too close to the puppy pen. Charley is our fastest dog, chasing predators and… cars driving by. She is a very pretty dog as well. She has more of a long silky coat where as Jack’s is more like polar fur. She really should be doing dog shampoo commercials.
We very much enjoy raising these pups and finding homes for this impressive mixed breed. We hope you too are blessed by one of our fur babies!

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