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Great products to keep your pup cozy this winter

Winter can be a lot of fun for you and your pup. Snowball fetch, blustery hikes, and snuggling up for a movie night is a great way to spend this chilly time with man’s best friend. Just like you, dogs can feel the winter chill. Here are a few products…


How to deal with your pooch shedding

  February to March is when dogs shed a lot. This can be uncomfortable for you, your family, and your pup. Here are a few days to keep your home somewhat hair-free without having to shave your pooch. Brush regularly If you brush your pup every day before bed this…

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Valentine’s Day gifts for your doggies

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show your family and friends your appreciation and affection. While we’re sure you’ll remember your two-legged loved ones don’t forget the ones on all fours! Here are a few ways to show your pet some love on Valentine’s Day. Handmade treats Handmade treats…

Swimming dog

Dog Friendly Towns

Key West, Florida Key West isn’t just for Hemingway cats and eclectic artists. Your pup can enjoy an island getaway with you! Key West has a beach on Vernon St that welcomes people and pups alike to swim in the warm waters and stretch out on the beach. On this…

Nervous dog

How to help your dog become less anxious

Know what scares them By knowing what makes your pooch anxious you can help them work through it and move past it. If they get separation anxiety help them by creating a comforting spot in the home that has your smells, plenty of food and water, and maybe even their…

Corgiville Fair

Tasha Tudor: The original crazy corgi lady

Artist Tasha Tudor’s name was inspired by her father’s love for the character Natasha from the book War and Peace. While she was originally named after her father, Starling Burgess, Tasha seemed to fit her best over the years. During her younger years she adopted the last name Tudor after…

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Benefits of Owning A Dog

Walk More Dog owners walk 300 more minutes each week, which helps the owner stay healthy, happy, and more active than most non-dog owners. Pets Your Pressure Away Your blood pressure can go down by ten percent after petting your dog in a quiet room for at least 20 minutes….

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Crafts to make for your pup

They say every dog has its day but why not have your pup’s day be as many days as possible? By making these small crafts you can make your dog’s life happier and easier. Each craft will need some skill but it simple and useful. If we missed any let…