3 Little Known Facts About silver labs

Silver Lab



Controversy behind silver labs


Be a responsible pet owner and learn more about the controversy behind silver labs


Silver labs have been advertised since the 1950s and appear beautiful and sweet pets that are a color variant with the same temperament as a purebred Labrador retriever. However there is a lot of controversy behind these silver puppies. Some believe they are not purebred labs or that they are diluted with other breeds, which could hurt the purebred lines if not recognized properly. If you are interested in adopting a silver lab here are a few facts you may not know about the breed and be sure to do a lot of research before adopting from a breeder. If possible adopt from a rescue and spay or neuter your new friend so you can ensure you are helping an animal in need and stopping any possible damage to the breed.


No True Origin


Originally this breed variant was advertised for sale in a gun magazine but since breeding began in then 1800s there has been no mention of gray or silver puppies in any breeding or kennel records. While you may think that a silver litter may have slipped through the system or culled at birth the records all over have been incredibly thorough due to the breed’s popularity and profitability for their breeders.


Some believe that the lab has been diluted with Weimaraners or Norwegian Elk Hounds to achieve the gray or silver coat that has become so desired of the last few decades. If this is the case it could be dangerous to the breed because it will introduce new genes and possibly new health issues their immune system is unable to fight.




Originally there is a good possibility that silver labs were caused by inbreeding to create and preserve the silver coat. Now there are seven distinct lines for this section of the breed so there is a healthy amount of puppies bred that do not run the risk of having health issues from inbreeding. However, before you purchase your new friend do a lot of research with each possible breeder. While it is unlikely breeders may still practice inbreeding to create the desired dog without worrying about health problems or pain it can cause litters. Talk to each breeder, ask a lot of questions about the line the litter came from, visit the site, and talk to other adoptees of the breed and others if possible.


Unpopular Among Breeders


Because many breeders believe that silver labs are mixed with other dogs to achieve the silver or gray color. Those who are breeding silver labs are also asking more money for their rarity. While that is understandable breeders of yellow, brown, and black labs are vexed because they are do not believe it has been proven that silver labs are purebred even though they have been recognized by the AKC. If you are interested in silver labs talk to other breeders who only breed yellow, chocolate, and black labs to understand why they are cautious about the breed. This will help you be a responsible and knowledgeable dog owner.