6 Pieces of Advice from Dogs

advice from dogsWhen you get home from work, your dog bounds up to you with his tongue hanging from his mouth – seemingly full of uninhibited joy and affection. What’s his secret?

Well, maybe you can take a couple of pages out of his book. Here is some advice from dogs, your dog might give you (if he could talk).

Don’t be too self-conscious.

Your pup sees you spending hours in front of the mirror, frowning over your figure and making those puzzling expressions at yourself while putting on makeup.

How can you possibly enjoy life when you are that worried about how you look? Sometimes it’s super fun to put together an extra-polished outfit, but don’t agonize over it, he would say.

Jump in and be social.

Your dog’s joyful energy is so strong it can probably be felt in the next township. He can’t imagine feeling withdrawn or inhibited around others because he is a true extrovert. If he saw you feeling shy, he’d be confused. Why are you hiding your wonderful self from these people? he may wonder.

It’s okay to relax on your own, too.

Even your dog isn’t always eager to hang out. He likes time to reflect on his sharp observations of the world and hone his deep analyses of canine society.

Your dog knows you shouldn’t always expect yourself to want to be social. If you don’t feel like going out in public, there’s usually a good reason. Listen to yourself and respect your own inclinations. Or, as your pup might put it, go with your instincts.

Be a morning person.

Your dog’s favorite time of day is probably the morning. He likes to seize the day, bright and early, sometimes to your chagrin.

If he saw you lazing around in bed until noon, he might have a few pieces of unsolicited advice. The morning is the best part of the day, he would say. Why would you waste that bright sunshine to sleep?! How boring. Play outside with me.

Life is short. Eat what you want.

Your pup usually does exactly what he wants, and this extends to eating. In this world of gas station fast food and all-you-can-eat buffets, eating is a little more complicated for humans.

So how about this, your dog says. Just eat when you are hungry. That’s what he does. Why would he eat when he’s not hungry. And if you just eat when you’re hungry you can eat whatever the heck you feel like without worrying about the repercussions. Also, your dog thinks you’re beautiful, so don’t worry about that.

Unplug and get outside.

Your dog is so confused when he sees you moping around the house staring at screens. How could that be more important than playing outside?

Here is his advice on the matter: really evaluate how much screen time you need. Discard the rest. Then, play with him.

We love our dogs and they return the sentiment; perhaps we can learn a few life lessons from them too.