American Bully Puppies

The American Bully puppy or breed was established in 1990 in the United States. The breeders bred these puppies to be an ideal family dog. It has the attributes of loyalty, friendliness, and an upbeat attitude. The puppies can grow from 17-21 inches and weight anywhere from 70 to 120 pounds when grown.

The puppies coat is short, stiff and smooth. The puppies come in a variety of colors like fawn, chocolate, brown, red, and brindle. It is a confident breed that is loyal to the family that owns it. The puppies can be trained to be a guard dog and still be great dog for the family. It must be trained at an early age to curb any aggressive behavior.

Positive qualities

The American Bully Puppies have many positive qualities. They are affectionate which make them good with children. They are confident and can be left alone with small or older children. These dogs are active and need to be exercised indoors and out. The puppies need regular brushing with a short bristled brush and regular bathing when needed.

Regular exercise is needed for the puppies like a walk daily and outdoor play. When not exercised regularly they build up stress. This often leads to destructive behavior like chewing furniture and destroying drapes and rugs.

Calm but firm in training

The puppies need owners that are calm but firm in training them. You will need to set limits and let the puppies know what is expected of them. When housebreaking puppies you need to establish a routine. Feed three times a day most puppies will want to go to the bathroom after eating. You can use potty pads and praise the puppy when he goes on them.

If you go outside after he eats for potty training try to find a section of your yard that he associates with going to the bathroom. Pick a section that is easy to clean up and remove poop. When you cannot watch your puppy confine her to a crate. This builds bladder and bowl control.

A puppy should be kept in a crate only four hours and it will learn to control its bladder and bowels. It will stay clean and this teaches them a regular pattern for elimination.