Funny Looking and Always Friendly: The Basset Hound

Iconic breeds are, of course, the most-adopted breeds around, but that isn’t always the right choice for you and your family. You may have seen a particular breed on television, but that tells you little about how they actually are as well as what it would be like to live with that breed for years, even decades, to come. Consequently, investigating these popular breeds before adopting is critical to your happiness – and theirs! Take the Basset Hound for example; a classic breed that many have owned and enjoyed over the years, but is it right for you?

Small and Friendly

You know the Basset Hound as the somewhat diminutive, short, thick dogs with little curved tails and big floppy ears. They’re adorable in a strange way, and in recent years the attraction has largely been for their slightly absurd appearance. Yet this breed has a long and proud history, going back to its bloodhound ancestor. These were great hunting companions of the past, and when you see depictions of foxes being flushed out of hiding, it is often the Basset Hound or its ancestor doing the heavy lifting!

Of course, today, the Basset Hound is often a very different dog in the family indeed. Hunting is no longer its primary purpose; instead, it is a companion and a friend, and expected to behave as such. Fortunately, they’re great for exactly that. Basset Hounds are well-known for their gentle, friendly, outgoing nature. They are considered great with children, and while they are very “food driven,” this actually makes them much easier to train into the perfect family pet.

The Peculiarities of a Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are still scent hounds, however, and as such a smell can often excite and interest them to the point of exclusion. They may ignore you or anything else that would otherwise get their attention in the interest of pursuing a smell, which is why it’s a good idea to keep your hound on a leash, lest they get away from you and into danger. This kind of stimulation is important, though; basset hounds, like other dogs, need regular exercise as well as mental engagement. They’re a sleepy breed, for sure, but being able to occasionally go out and root around in the larger world is important to them, or they’ll get a little stir-crazy on you.

Yet the Basset Hound is not just great with children, but also a great friend to other dogs and pets as well, making it an even better companion to you and member of your household. If you are willing to accept its particular interest in scents, then the Basset Hound may be perfect for you and your family!