7 Interesting Benefits of Owning a Dog

Happy dog

Dogs are wonderful and can bring a lot of joy into your life. Having a dog also provides several other benefits. Here are just a few benefits of owning a dog:

Walk More

Dog owners walk 300 minutes each week – about 22 more minutes per day than people who don’t own dogs! This helps the owner stay healthy, happy, and more active.

Pet Your Stress Away

You can lower your blood pressure by ten percent after petting your dog in a quiet room for at least 20 minutes. So have a seat, turn on Netflix, and snuggle up. Your heart will thank you.

Healthy Kids

A child that has lived with a dog since infancy is less likely to have a skin disease like eczema and is more likely to be more confident and fit as they age. This is because a pup will naturally expose them to allergens and skin issues and the dog will also show the child love and affection throughout the years.

Helps With Winter Blues

A dog can make a wonderful companion, especially in the winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can be incredibly debilitating. But, with a pup to wake you in the morning, get you outside, and give you a schedule, you can find purpose even in the darkest of winter mornings. You can go run around in the snow or snuggle up by the fire with your dog. As long as your dog is with you, they are thrilled.

Knows the Difference

A dog can actually tell the difference between your car’s engine and the engine of another car. This may be part of the reason they bark when you have people over or someone is turning around in your driveway. So, you may want to be a little more understanding when they start “randomly” barking at three in the morning.

Be More Social

Dog owners are more likely to be friendly and may be more social than non-dog owners. This is partly because they feel secure with their canine companion and the pup will be happy to walk up to strangers with friendly body language.

They Just Get You

Dogs have evolved next to humans throughout thousands of years. Because of this, they understand a lot of our body language and mannerisms. Now, we are able to read each other better and work together seamlessly.