Why Border Collies Are Everywhere!

Of the breeds that you can choose to serve as your friend and companion, the Border Collie is certainly one of the most intelligent, loyal, fast-learning, and gentle breeds you can choose. When selecting a dog, there are many qualities that you will want to consider, but ultimately the Border Collie offers pretty much everything that you would really want.

The Border Collie, formerly known as the Scotch Sheep Dog, were originally shepherd dogs that were used to herd flocks of sheep over pastures and fields. Shepherds used the dogs to help keep their flocks organized and together, preventing sheep from being lost, while also defending those same sheep for the shepherd. After all, you couldn’t be keeping watch every hour of every day. Of course, that was hundreds of years ago; these days, the Border Collie is a considerably different breed, as most Collie-owners don’t have flocks of sheep. So why do so many people choose the Collie?

What You Get With a Collie

Collies have a considerable amount of energy; if you are someone who enjoys playing with your dog, taking them to the park, teaching the tricks, and generally hanging out with your dog, then a Collie is a great fit. This energetic approach to life can make a Collie a great fit for a family with kids; the kids will always have an energetic and ready-to-go friend in your Border Collie.

Given how much energy the Border Collie has, you might think that they are an unruly breed. Certainly, many breeds that have a great amount of energy can be difficult to train and manage in their day to day lives, but the Border Collie is exceptional in that it is extremely well-behaved. Their tendency towards obedience, gentle behavior, and maturity means that they can be more quickly and easily trained to behave appropriately with you, your family, other dogs, and strangers.

What a Collie Needs

However, like many breeds that are very intelligent and very energetic, Border Collies require regular stimulation and exercise if they’re to maintain mental and physical health and well-being. Otherwise, they can become overweight, nervous, and develop disobedient or aggressive behaviors. None of these, of course, are desirable. In order to avoid this, you should take your Border Collie for regular walks, and furthermore, ensure that they have plenty of space to roam beyond those walks.

Raising a Border Collie in an urban environment, for example, is probably not ideal; rather, in a rural or suburban space, they can play on your property whenever they want to. Give your dog what they need and they will give you what you need – a great friend and companion!