Cavalier King Charles Puppies

Are you considering a Cavalier King Charles puppy for your next pet? Don’t make the decision lightly. A potential dog owner should always do their research before they take on the responsibility of a new dog. Each breed has its own special needs which must be met in order for the dog to be truly well cared for.


Like all breeds it is important to socialize your Cavalier King Charles puppy. They are extremely social animals and thrive on regular interaction. Make sure if you are going to bring home one of these dogs that you have the time to walk them through the neighborhood often and the occasional trip to the dog park. This ensures that they become exposed to other dogs, people, and cildren. An unsocialized puppy can lead to major behavior problems later in life such as aggression and unruly behavior.

Exercise Needs

The Cavalier King Charles is a medium energy breed. They need regular walks, toys, and attention to satisfy their needs. This may not be the dog to take on long jogs, but great for family walks in the park or chasing a ball in the back yard. The King Charles is a playful dog and will be best behaved if given a good play session each day.

Special Grooming Needs

One defining trait of this beautiful spaniel is its feathered ears, tail, and paws. This flair makes grooming a very important part of caring for a Cavalier King Charles. If the ears and tail are not brushed and the fur between the toes is not periodically trimmed, their fur becomes a knotted mess. Knots in dog fur are no fun for the dog or the person. It hurts the dog and is a pain to comb out. It is always better to keep up with the grooming to avoid a potential problem.

The Cavalier King Charles is an excellent breed for families and anyone who has the time for a friendly pooch that is relatively low maintenance.